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CAD internship in coimbatore

This Training includes the following Certificates and Documents:

Internship Certificate.

Project Completion Certificate.

Inplant Training(IPT) Certificate.

Free Workshop Certificate.

Free Corporate Training Test certificate.

Inplant Training(IPT) Report.

Training Documents.

Sample Resume for Placement.

Useful Softwares.

Corporate Training Test Portal Access.

5 Days vlsi internship in coimbatore :

Day 1 internship in CAD

  • CAD Purposes & Abilities.
  • How To start and Exit CAD.
  • CAD User Interface.
  • Creating New and Opening Existing Drawings

Day 2 internship in CAD

  • Introduction to Draw Commands.
  • Creating Objects, Drawing Lines, Coordinate and Coordinate Entry.
  • Changing Line types, Editing commands, Drawing Circles & Arcs.
  • Hands-on practical work.

Day 3 internship in CAD

  • UCS, Inquiry Commands, Limits, Scales and Paper Sizes.
  • Quick Editing with Grips, Fillet and Chamfer.
  • Divide and Measure, Rectangular and Polar Array
  • Single Line Text, Justifications, Text Styles, Editing Text, Multiline Text
  • Hands-on practical work.

Day 4 internship in CAD

  • Layers, Colour Commands, Line Types, Linetype Scales, Lineweights.
  • Pline Command, Editing Polylines: Pedit, Polygons, Rectangles, Splines, Donuts, Ellipses.
  • Hands-on practical work.

Day 5 internship in CAD

  • Crosshatching, Regions and Boundaries
  • Construction Techniques
  • Isometric Drawings
  • Hands-on practical work.

CAD internship in coimbatore